Power Banks Explained in Simple Terms

You might have often heard about external battery charger or more commonly known as power banks. It helps in keeping you smartphones and tablets charged even when you are not at home or office away from any electrical socket. There are many advantage of using power bank, you can enjoy using smartphones without any fear of your battery dying out in the middle of your call. If you have decided to buy a top power bank, but you are not sure which power bank to buy, then this article will help you in choosing the right power bank.

Why Buy A Power Bank

In this modern age where smartphones are not just luxury but the necessity for almost all individuals. People are looking to their smartphones for more than just sending text messages or calling. Techies and non-techies have all been hooked to one of the most popular cool gadgets of this era, and have found several different ways to enjoy their hand-held buddies. Unlike in the recent past when the inclusion of games to a mobile phone was enough to create a huge shebang; people now look for, insist on, and ultimately find, the things they need from their phones.

These powerbanks are extremely easy to use and very handy, allowing you to keep all your electronic devices active throughout the day. Since power banks can charge anything, they will allow you to keep connected to your Facebook and e-mail at all times. You need to have smartphones that have huge battery life so that you don’t have to worry about your smartphone battery dying in the middle of your conversation with loved ones. And if you are very heavily using your mobile phones then you can op for good power banks. Here are some of the best mobiles phones that have extra ordinary battery life. Power banks are definitely convenient and portable. After all, mobile phones are important for all different reasons like checking up on the kids, calling in to work, or ordering pizza and we wouldn’t want to run out of battery. But of course, they are also not without their disadvantages that equally and neutrally need to be taken into consideration.

Power Bank – An Overview

You can find many definition about power bank all over the net, but to simply put it is an electronic device that has an circuitry which is controlled and guided by small micro controller with plastic casing to store electrical energy and let you use this energy afterwards to charge other electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets on the go. Power banks store energy in an internal Lithium Ion battery and can charge the mobile and tablets. They are nothing but a special battery encased in special casing along with required circuitry to control the flow of power. That’s how I can explain them in a non technical manner. All power banks basically have the same function – to charge electronic devices on the go.

There are basically three types of power banks on the market today. The most used power banks are ones that have USB ports and they are known as universal power bank. They store the energy in them just like you deposit money in the bank and have a means to charge a device like you withdraw money! That is the perfect analogy. Now that the battery capacity of the devices we are using these days has gone too low what we have been expecting it to with a myriad of tasks being performed, there is a need for an auxiliary power supply and that’s where these power banks come into action.

Power Bank Vs Mobile Battery

As we earlier said, even with high capacity battery your mobile phone won’t remain charged more than six hours if you are using it heavily in playing games or listening music. So you may need a power bank that can keep your phone charged even when you are out and away from an electrical outlet. Though they can be charged from sunlight, but usually people charged it via cable as charging though sun takes considerable long time. The last type of power banks are the one with battery phone case. These type of power banks are not so popular as they can be used for only specific type of smartphones.

Choosing The Best Power Banks in India

There are many models and brands of power banks available on the market. Not all power banks are capable of charging your smartphones fully. It is important that you understand about the features that you need to look while buying 10000mAh power banks of 2016 in India. The core of every power bank, as you can guess, is the battery cell (or battery cells) There are two main battery chemistry that are used for power banks and each chemistry has its own advantages and its own limitations. Here are few things that you need to look when buying power bank. Here are some features that need to kept in consideration while buying a power bank
Power Banks Working Principle


This is the most important deciding point in choosing a right power bank. Power Bank capacity refers to how much charge is inside a power bank battery. It is measured in mAh or milliamps per hour. But one thing you need to understand that when a power bank is charging your smart phone or tablet, some of the energy is lost in transfer of power. So the real capacity is about 60-65 percent of the battery capacity listed on the power bank. For example a power bank with battery capacity at 2200 mAh has real capacity in the range 1320mAh to 1430mAh. Depending upon your need, you should purchase the power bank that would have sufficient capacity to charge your mobile multiple times. If you are not sure, as how to determine or calculate the capacity then don’t worry. Below guide will help you.

Output Current

Capacity-of-Powerbanks-300x2121[1]What type of devices are you going to charge with your power bank? Take into account the power requirements of all the gadgets like smartphones, tablets, iPads etc that you will plug into the power bank. By doing so, you will make sure to opt for the appropriate amp level of your power bank. A power bank with a smaller output current of 1A level means that your smartphone will charge at a slower pace. Also, keep in mind that low output current might not be powerful enough to charge larger devices such as tablets, especially if the gadget is in use. If you are planning to charge larger items, make sure to decide on a higher output level.


We earlier talk about efficiency and that power bank with certain capacity can not charge a smartphone with the same capacity battery. Older phones have battery that use to last long, but today’s smartphone batteries drains out fast owing to more function the mobile phones have and hence the more power is consumed by the phone. Many smartphones will “lose” up to 10% within a few minutes of coming off the charger.


You should buy a power banks that is small and compact that makes easy to carry in your hand or pocket. Whilst smaller is better for portability, bigger could be more important when it comes to capacity. Power bank capacity is measured in “milli ampere hours” (mah) and different models range from 2,000mah to 20,000mah. For practical purposes, charging an iPhone 6 needs a capacity of about 1,600mah so if you want to charge it once, you’d buy a powerbank with 1,600mah capacity. If you want to charge it twice, you’d need a powerbank with a capacity of about 3,200mah or more.

Input Ampere

The input rating of your mobile device is very important because this is critical in choosing the right power bank with a corresponding output rating that matches the input voltage and current. Choosing a power bank with an output rating higher than the input rating specified on your smartphone can damage the internal battery. The input ampere rating of a power bank is something that actually determines how long it would take to get charged and is most often found to be either 5V-2A DC or 5v-1A DC.

Disadvantages of Power Bank

Having a power bank is also having a means at preventing something you do not like, which here is letting your battery drain. Some people have the tendency to plug smartphones into power banks even when the batteries do not need re-charging yet and with prolonged excessive use, this could actually lead to making the smartphones battery life run shorter than it already did. ower banks are batteries themselves and will also need charging. Besides your smartphone, your tablet, laptop, you might even have portable Wi-Fi, do you really want to add a power bank to the list of things you need to plug in to a wall at the end of a day? Too many wires.

How Power Banks Work

Most power bank batteries can be charged by two methods either fast charge method or slow charge method. In a fast charge method your external battery can be charged under two hours. While in slow charge method it can take upto 10-12 hours. No one would like to wait so long to charge their batteries, but it has its own advantage. The slow charging does not need any charge detection circuit and also they are comparatively cheaper.

Most commonly, a Power Bank will have a dedicated input socket for receiving power. This power can come from a USB socket on your computer, but may charge faster when using a wall socket adapter. We most often see Power Banks use a Mini or Micro-USB socket for charging, and full-sized USB sockets for discharging. On very rare occasions, Power Banks can use the same socket for input and output, but this is rare and should not be assumed of any Power Bank, as trying to force power into an output can damage the battery. Always check the manual for specific instructions if you’re not able to find a clearly marked input socket.

The Retina Display of iPhone 6s – Apple’s Innovation in Touchscreen Technology

A lot of media focus and publicity has been attracted by the recent launching of the Apple iPhone 6s. It is definitely referred to as the best smartphone. It beats other contenders with its clear cut technological cell phone functionality. Unlike the earlier iPhone versions that were made from plastic, iPhone 6s has toughened glass on either sides and is more slim than the 3G or 3GS with a thickness of 9.3mm. Being among the most thin phones that you can get, the iPhone 4 has a fine lavish feel to the hand that confirms its elegant design.

Users are enjoying the fast performance of the iPhone 4, after Apple reconstructed the interior of the device. It now runs on Apple A4 chip that also operates the Apple iPad. The delay that used to be experienced when executing applications has now been eliminated.
Iphone 6s India
Though Apple iPhone 6s has the same 3.5 inches screen size same as the old iPhone, the screen has a see to believe clarity improved by the double amount of pixels. It holds 326 pixels per square inch and that’s more than someone’s eye can see. With this amount of pixels, even when held near your eye, you cant spot any dots. This way text and pictures are well interpreted in a detailed and clear manner. This screen of 640 by 960 pixel resolution will display sixteen million colors.

The iPhone 6 equated to earlier versions and also being just a normal phone has had a lot of publicity about its resourcefulness. With an additional microphone fitted at the top of the handset, it has enhanced calling functionality because the microphone receives and sieves sounds from the surroundings.

In comparison to the earlier iPhones, Apple has enhanced the digital camera. At the rear of the handset is a 5 mega pixel camera which is accompanied by an illuminator. On the front is another VGA camera that provides the ability to make video calls with other iPhone 6 users, over Wireless-Fidelity networks.Its possible to capture an editable high definition video of a 720 pixel quality, with the main camera and upload it straight to YouTube. Watching video on this kind of screen is comparable to no other.

The more advanced features get, the more power the device consumes. Nevertheless, the battery size on Apple has been added by forty percent to cater for this, which translates to a user being able to browse, make video calls and download software’s without the worry that the battery will be out of power.

To wrap it up, you have to dig deep to find negativity about the Apple iPhone 6s. Its rivals have a difficulty in conquering this handset because of its resourcefulness and frequent upgrading of applications. The Apple iPhone 4 continues broadening its admirers base daily, because by now its the most liked option.

Podcasts Are Great For DIY Power Electronics

If you often come to this website, you will certainly know that we have made Lots of DIY products. As the old saying goes “If you can’t a job done right, Do It Yourself!” well that’s certainly a philosophy we subscribe to here. As an avid home renovator, improver and all round handy man, I’ve collated a pretty extensive set of tools. With tools for specific jobs hung all over my garage wall, I can be a little spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting which one is going to suit the task in mind best.

However, we also believe “no man is an island” and that’s why we are always looking to soak up diy, and home improvement tips and advice from wherever we can find it!

One great way to keep up to date with the latest trends in home improvement is through listening to podcasts. In fact, in recent times I’ve even started to prefer the podcast format over blogs. The main reason for this is I can put my headphones on while I am working in the shed and I can’t actually do two things at once. I can’t listen to the home improvement guys that I like and respect while actually getting some productive work done myself.

That’s a massive bonus for me and it’s probably the main reason that I’m starting to spend less time surfing the net and more time getting all those little annoying jobs done around the house that I’ve been putting off for weeks.

Creating A Podcast For This Site

It’s because of this that I’ve been seriously considering starting a podcast for this site. I’ve been doing a bit of research on what’s required and it’s not that difficult to do. Anyone that enjoys talking can create a podcast with just some simple equipment and get started quite cheaply.

I’m interested in any feedback from readers about two issues. Do you want to see a podcast? And second if I do start a podcast what kind of things would you like me to talk about or who would you like me to interview?

I’m going to take the feedback on board before I start anything so your opinions really are valuable so don’t hold back.

What Makes A Good Podcast

From my limited experience, I’ve come to realise that a good podcast has 2 ingredients and probably both are just as important as each other. Firstly you need a presenter with personality because 50% of a good podcast is sheer entertainment. I really love shows like The Handy Guys just because their chat is so cool. It’s like having some buddies in the shed with me.

But of course the second thing that a good podcast needs is quality information. A good show will cover topic that are interesting to the listener and give some value other than entertainment. I’ve lost count of the number of ideas for improvement challenges I could get my hands dirty with that I found through podcast shows that inspired me to do something a bit different. In fact my backyard office project was inspired by Episode 23 of Handy Andy Goldstein’s great show. And this is typical of what happens, I listen to someone like Andy and they describe their experience and it encourages me to try out something similar for myself.

I hope that I’ve convinced you about the value of podcasts for DIY enthusiasts and I’m looking forward to hearing what feedback you have for me about what kind of show we could create together for this community.